Donate to your choice of non-profit organisation to help India fight COVID-19

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NGOs Fighting COVID19

Akshaya Patra Foundation 

Akshaya Patra Foundation is providing families with cooked meals / dry rations box, with the help of the local administration. Cost of a single meal/equivalent ration is Rs 20/ day. A generous donation of Rs.1200 can help ensure the supply of food for a family of 4 for 15 days

The Mother Teresa Foundation

The Mother Teresa Foundation is an NGO working for the unwanted, uncared and unloved in the society. Since its inception, following the footprints of Mother Teresa, The Foundation has been concentrating in the fields of education and health of the poor and downtrodden in various ways.

Massive Earth Foundation

In this initiative, MEF will focus on providing essential food supplies as well as emergency support to the E-Rickshaw driver community. They will be provided with essential grocery staples such as rice, wheat flour, dal and oil that last more than 21 days.

Nanhi Jaan

Nanhi Jaan is helping doctors, nurses and medical practitioners who are facing acute shortage of basic protective equipment like masks, gowns, and sanitizers in most hospitals.  

Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai

Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai is fighting COVID19 by serving 1000+ families with essential commodities. 

Charlie's Animal Rescue Centre

Approximately 3.09 lakh stray dogs in Bangalore continue to be unsure of their next meal on. Charlie's Animal Rescue Centre will be identifying feeders in different parts of Bangalore and providing them with food to cater to the strays.


Encouraging is a public charitable trust based in Lucknow since May 2016 with a mission on improving the living conditions of the individuals and the families in the poorest communities in India. 

Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur

Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur provides monthly ration to daily wagers, sponsor the preparation and distribution of meals to doctors, nurses, policemen, support to hospitals with beds, ventilators, disposables and other essential medical equipment and provide food to stray animals during this crisis


RISE is raising funds to provide Hygiene Kits consisting of bathing and washing soaps, vitamin C tablets, masks, sanitiser, sanitary pads and a first aid kit and Food and Nutrition Kits containing grain, pulses, turmeric, salt, oil, tea, biscuits and dehydrated vegetables to those in need

Swach Campaign by Samsara

SWACH has been working to alleviate hardships faced by waste-pickers in Pune over the last 10 years. Your contribution will help SWACH provide PPE kits & ration to 3450 workers. Samsara supports community-based organizations like SWACH as they solve the most pressing problems of our society

Seva Bharathi

Sevabharathi is serving all cross sections of the society since the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic. Today even though lockdown has ended, many sections of the society are struggling to make ends meet. Sevabharathi is continuing its work among the most needy sections of the society.

Smt. Nandini Satpathy Memorial Trust (SNSMT)

SNSMT is fighting COVID-19 by providing psychological support and food supplies to a number of destitute centers in Odisha, offering free education to the children of those affected with or lost to Covid-19 and supporting municipal and panchayat administrations of Odisha

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